Debit and Credit Card 24/7 Phone Numbers

We are excited to offer you a 24/7 call center for your debit and credit card needs. 

PLEASE CALL 833-604-0693  to report a card lost/stolen, to initiate a dispute for fraud or non-fraud transactions or for questions about the card account use.  f you have lost your debit card or need information regarding your debit card.    When the call center calls you regarding your debit cards and leaves a message, the numbers for voice and email communications will be  – 833-763-2013 and for text communications it will be 833-763-2014


For your credit card please report to the following number :   866-539-9029.

 Also make sure that all your contact information is always up to date because persons from our call center will call you also when there is unusual activity on your account.   We are constantly striving to keep your information and your money safe.  

We also provide you with a mobile application that can be downloaded from Apple  and/or Google Play called CARD VALET.  This will once you have set it up you can put all your Strip Steel Cards on this application, see your balances and transactions and shut the card off yourself and turn it back on at your convenience.   

Call the office and we’ll help you out if you need some assistance to set it up